McMurdo brand orange epirb.

McMurdo SmartFind G8 EPIRB

Product information

406MHz, 121.5MHz, Multi GNSS
Battery life
10 years

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Product details

The G8 EPIRB offers global 406MHz professional search and rescue alert, with the added benefit of dual GNSS receivers, including Galileo and GPS, to accelerate location detection.

Rugged, multi GNSS 406MHz EPIRB with both GPS and Galileo receivers, optimized for new MEOSAR system

Operating Frequencies:

  • 406MHz
  • 121.5MHz
  • Multi GNSS


  • Multi GNSS including Galileo
  • Accidental activation protection
  • Optimized for Meosar
  • Rugged construction optimized for commercial environments
  • Hands free carry strap
  • 360-degree strobe
  • Comes with safety bracket
  • 10-year battery life
  • Sealed Electronic Unit
  • Sealed Battery Unit
  • Manual/Auto release options