"Orange Elliot commercial IBA life raft."

Elliot USCG IBA (Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus)

Product information

Service Interval
1 year
4-151 person
Valise, Low-profile container, round container, venturi

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Product details

Elliot offers a range of USCG approved IBA life rafts. IBAs are comprised of double buoyancy chambers, a barrier floor and applicable government-specified emergency equipment pack Buoyancy chambers are constructed from specially formulated polyurethane (PU) proofed nylon fabric, which is highly resistant to abrasion and impervious to corrosion in the marine environment IBAs are designed and certified for passenger and/ or commercial fishing vessels operating in protected or inshore waters. Sizes range from 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-,20-, 30-, 50-, 100-, 151-person capacities with container options of valise, low profile container or round container depending on model Venturi inflation technology is available in some sizes of life raft, allowing (A) compressed air to enter the inflation chamber through small nozzles at high velocity, then (B) the air stream creates a vacuum that induces the air from outside enabling it to achieve unparalleled inflation speed, so that (C) the amplified airflow leaves the exit point, and this allows the product to use less CO2 cylinders, resulting in a smaller and a lighter weight product, and potential lower servicing costs due to less hydro and refill require.

Elliot USCG Approved Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus (IBA) are available packed in a valise, low profile container, or round container. Elliot's Commercial IBA’s offer double buoyancy chambers constructed from specially formulated fabric, which is highly resistant to abrasion and impervious to corrosion in the marine environment. Approved for use on commercial fishing vessels, and passenger vessels operating in U.S. waters.

IBA’s are USCG approved for use on commercial fishing vessels and inspected passenger vessels where USCG carriage requirements permit. Please call to speak with one of our experts if you are unsure which raft is right for you, your boat, and your application.

Valise Packed IBAs come complete in a rugged – abrasion, chemical and water-resistant valise. Low profile and round container packed IBA’s come complete with mounting cradle, lashing, and Hammar hydrostatic release.

Special purpose cradles and stackable containers are available for larger capacity (30+ person) rafts. Please contact us for more information.

IBA Equipment Pack:

  • Compact Paddles
  • Safety Knife
  • Heaving Line Rescue Quoit
  • Flashlight
  • Extra Batteries / Bulbs
  • Emergency Instructions
  • Bailer
  • Hand Pump
  • 2 Sponges
  • Repair Kit
  • Sea Anchor
  • 2 PRV Bungs
  • Signal Mirror