Inside a SOLAS A Equipment Pack: Essential Gear for Life Rafts

When it comes to safety at sea, preparation is key. One of the most important components of maritime safety is the life raft, and in particular, the equipment pack that comes with it. In this blog post, we'll look at the SOLAS A equipment pack, a set of survival gear that is designed to aid survival at sea.

What is a SOLAS A Equipment Pack?

SOLAS, or Safety of Life at Sea, is an international maritime treaty that sets safety standards for ships and their equipment. A SOLAS A equipment pack is a set of survival gear that meets the highest standards set by SOLAS. This equipment pack is designed for use on life rafts on ships that may have to face severe survival conditions.

What's Included in a SOLAS A Equipment Pack?

A SOLAS A equipment pack typically includes the following items:

  1. Distress Signals: Including rockets, hand flares, and smokes to signal for help.
  2. Radar Reflector: An essential piece of equipment to aid in detection by radar.
  3. Survival Equipment: This includes thermal protective aids, a first aid kit, a fishing kit, a rescue quoit, and a knife.
  4. Water and Food: SOLAS A packs include rationed drinking water and food to sustain survivors until rescue arrives.
  5. Lighting: Including a waterproof flashlight and spare batteries, and light sticks.
  6. Other Equipment: This includes items like a whistle, a repair kit, sea anchor, paddles, and a sponges.
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Solas A Pack Contents

Importance of SOLAS A Equipment Pack

A SOLAS A equipment pack contains everything needed to signal for help, aid in rescue, and sustain life until help arrives. It's an essential part of any life raft and can mean the difference between life and death in a maritime emergency.


Understanding what's in a SOLAS A equipment pack is an important part of maritime safety. Regular checks and maintenance of the equipment pack are as important as servicing the life raft itself. After all, a life raft is only as good as the equipment it carries.

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